Saturday, May 30, 2009

I have been a busy this past month. My son had his tonsils out, I had my gall bladder removed and my husband lost his grandmother. To say it has been overwhelming with all these things on top of one another is an understatement. I am so grateful to be able to bead because it relaxes me and helps me to focus.

Here are some of the new designs that I have been working on.

Dresden Twist: This reminds me of the Dresden Plate Quilts. In this necklace the "plate" twist back and forth to make a twisting pattern. I made it with a seed bead mix for a fun bracelet.

I love the way the colors work together in this bracelet called Paragon Bracelet.

I was inspired to create this bracelet based on Revelation 21:19-21 which described heaven with walls of jewels, gates of pearl and streets of gold. To me it is a great reminder that this world is not my final home and even though there are those that go there before me, we will meet again one day and spend eternity together.

Have a great day!!

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