Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Use the MUSE

I am so excited. I was recently picking through some bead blogs and checking out some of the links that other people had on their blogs and I came across Scarlett Lawson's site. She is a contributing editor to Beadwork magazine. I am just amazed at her work. She is very talented. Anyway she is sponsoring a "Use the Muse" contest. There is a "secret" MUSE element that needs to be used in the design along with a bunch of really cool beads that are shown. I decided that I was going to give this contest a try. I am looking forward to being challenged to use these materials to come up with something. So stay tuned and I will share with you my journey with this contest. Of course you will have to wait to see the "MUSE" till the contest results are public, no fun in ruining the surprise.

Who knows maybe you will feel challenged to try to "Use the Muse" yourself?? GO FOR IT!!

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