Thursday, July 30, 2009

Something old, something new

I am working on adding a couple of my older patterns to the lulu store. I also hope to have a few new ones to add in the upcoming week. I will be in the process of trying to provide better pictures for the site so that it is easier to see how the pattern is. This isn't easy as I am limited to what lulu will allow for a cover. If there is a preview available, click on the button below and to the right and it will open in another window and provide a larger copy of the cover. I will be slowing working at adding previews to more of the patterns as well. Here is a peek at some of the patterns I have added and will be adding over the next week or so.

The first two shown here
are remembrance bracelets based on Scriptures. They are to remind you of key truths found there.

The last two are an older pattern, Esther's Garden Bracelet and a new one, Sweet Petunia.


Cindy said...

Your new pieces are so beautiful. It really amazes me...the intricate detail. The pattern names are clever ones!

Nancy said...

Thanks Cindy!!