Friday, August 14, 2009

Use the Muse II - Entries

Now that the contest entries have been posted here. I wanted to show you my entries. I made the necklace first. When I saw the silk ribbon, I knew exactly that I wanted to create a beaded wrapped rope with it. I created a spiral chain using pearls, cubes and Swarovski's as accents. I wrapped the ribbon around the spiral. I then beaded a single strand and reverse wrapped the spiral and the ribbon. I bezeled the pendant and added more crystals and pearls to it. It hanges from a peyote bail that was embellished. In retrospect, I made the rope too short. I wanted the pendant to hang higher on my neck but I think that it would look better with a longer rope (which I am in the process of making). I like wearing the rope by itself and will wait until the longer rope is done to wear the pendant with.

As I looked at the pendant on the necklace, an idea popped into my head for a cuff bracelet. So I decided to enter again and see how it all came out. Since I had ordered additional beads for the necklace, it gave me a head start while I waited for the "kit" to arrive. I used a 2 drop peyote base with straps to attach the pendant. I added lots of crystals and pearls. I wasn't quite satisfied with the way it looked so I created a "rope" edging along both sides. I finished it off with a pewter button that I had in my stash. This is one piece that I can see wearing often. It is very comfortable.

I hope that you enjoyed seeing my entries. I really enjoyed the challenge of this contest. I am already looking forward to the next one.

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Heather said...

Beautiful pieces!, I especially like the necklace and pendant. You incorporated the ribbon nicely!