Monday, October 19, 2009

Verity - Alternate color #1 with drop

This is the second colorway that I did.  Actually I did it first and added the drop as I was working but I didn't have the right crystal for the center so I had to wait.  I liked the chain so much that I made the second one in fall colors just because.

The colors for this one are 4 mm Creamy Pink pearls, 3 mm Light Rose Sw. bicones and 15/0 Miyuki Dusty Rose.

I am going to write up the directions for the drop by itself so that if you want to add it you can.  The directions will not have the instructions for Verity but will be how to add it.  I hope to have it ready next week. 

Have a great rest of the day.


Beverly Ash Gilbert said...

So delicate - I can see this on a bride...

Nancy said...

Thank you so much Beverly. Your words mean a lot to me as I admire your work so much!