Friday, January 22, 2010

Bead Soup - Hmmm or Argh

Ok, so I received my lovely package of beads from Beth (you can see it here).  Secretly I was hoping to not be pulled too far out of my comfort zone, which is beadweaving.  I was thinking I would get this great focal which I could incorporate into some beadweaving and that would be that.  Well I got a great focal but..... it is not one that I could think of a good way to incorporate into my beadweaving skills.  Mind you, this is not a complaint post or a whine post.  I joined the swap to be challenged.  This has challenged me!!!  I know how fabulous the others in the contest are in delightful non-beadwoven projects.  I sat down last night and laid out beads and strung beads and took apart beads and laid out beads and strung beads and took apart beads and laid out beads.... well you get the picture.  I think that I am getting closer to something that I think is presentable but we will see what I think when I go home today and look at it again.

The bottom line is I am having a great time and stretched way out of my comfort zone.  Thanks, Lori, for this bead soup challenge.  This has been really good for me!!!  And thanks, Beth, for sending me a focal that REQUIRED me to think outside of MY box!

Have a great day everyone.


Kella said...

I know exactly what you mean, I have made and scrapped so many of the designs I swore would work with my bead soup package.

I am being challenged for sure!!

Beth said...

Hahaha! At first I thought about sending something you would be more comfortable with... then that stone jumped out at me. I actually was thinking of keeping it at the last moment! Let me just say, the leaf focal you sent me has me just as confused. It's beautiful, but it is more of a button... wich I haven't really worked with. I think I have a design, and it's not anything I've even though of before.... Just wait! Fun, fun, fun ;)