Saturday, January 16, 2010

Fairy Dust

I hope that you are having a wonderful weekend.  We took part of our afternoon to go to our local park and hike along their trail.  It was so good to be outside and stretching my legs.  I have been feeling the inactivity in my body lately and since it had been bitterly cold there wasn't too much that I could do about it.  Hey I guess that explains why I have been busy beading!! (Not that I need an excuse!!)

Here is another necklace that I made while staying out of the cold.  It is just perfect for St. Patrick's Day!  I love how the the vitrial coating on the peridot firepolish crystals make this necklace sparkle.  I was able to make this necklace in an afternoon.  The lovely wooden bowl that it is resting on was made by my Dad!!  He and my brother make wonderful wood bowls, wine stoppers, wine glasses with turned wood stems.  You should check out their beautiful work (

I hope the weather is as beautiful where you are as it is here!  Enjoy!!


Cindy said...

Hi Nancy
The weather here went downhill after yesterday - wet and cold!
This is truly a spectacular necklace....I can just see the sparkle on my screen. You're right..perfect for St. Patty's day. Beautiful work as always!

Beth said...

Pretty! I received your bead soup package yesterday. Thanks for the lovely beads and especially the bracelet! I wrote a post about it, along with a peek at what you will be getting

Janet said...

Hi Im chekin you out from Cindys post! Beautiful bead work you do!!! I took a class or two but decided no it wasnt for me. Its very beautiful! I work with their Aunties and Uncles the bigger beads!