Wednesday, February 24, 2010

I can't believe that it has been two weeks since my last post.  Life has been moving quickly here.  Work (my day job) has been very busy and stressful.  I love what I do but it can get quite stressful as deadlines approach.  I have been busy beading but I can't show you quite yet what I am working on.  I decided to try for a publishing challenge that I came across.  It is something that I haven't tried before (the subject of the challenge) but I have to say that I have been pleased with the end result.

We are in for some snow here in the next couple days (on top of the surprise snow we received yesterday) and I am hoping to finish a bracelet and necklace that are half done and write patterns for them.  I rather put them to the side when I started working on this other project.

I also was lucky enough to receive this week a package from Beverly Ash Gilbert.  She does some amazing freeform beadwork.  She asked for help choosing the name for her latest bead soup and the name that I and another suggest (we suggested the same name) was chosen.  Be sure to click through her blog at the lovely photography that Beverly does as well. 

I have a rather frustrating and sad post that I want to share with you.  (Click Here) Charms were purchased from Green Girl Studios and then used to reproduce the wonderful original work that they do with no credit or compensation to Green Girl Studios.  Please read the post at Cynthia Thorton's blog for more information.  We all need to stick together when it comes to people reproducing other's work.

I will leave you with this picture of our snowfall from a couple weeks ago.  I quite imagine that it will look like that again by the end of tomorrow, into Friday.

Stay Safe and Bead Happy.



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