Thursday, April 29, 2010

Playing with color

The beads that I ordered have arrived and I played with this lovely soft green 6 mm bead.  I substituted a second color seed bead in steps 4 and 14 to create this version of the Canterbury bracelet.  I found these lovely mulit tone 4 mm that are a combination Light ruby, green and silver to accent with.  Depending on how they turn gives you a different look, more soft green or more pink.

I recently bought a few new tops and I don't know about you but to me it is always an excuse to make something to go with it!!

I made another Maricot necklace in this soft turquoise color to wear with one of my new shirts.  Not that I "needed" an excuse to make something new of course.

I have also been busy making rings.  Here are two of them.  I was so surprised at how comfortable they are to wear.


Terri said...

Your designs are amazing and such good choices of color!!! I love your work!!


Pretty Things said...

I love the flower ring!