Sunday, May 16, 2010


My life has been very hectic at work and home this past couple of weeks and shows no signs of slowing down!!  I just wanted to pop on for a little bit and share a couple of things with you.  If you haven't check it out yet, head on over to Lori Anderson's Bead Soup Party (click the photo at the right).  Beads have started to arrive at their destinations and the design ideas are filling everyone's heads I hope.

I was overwhelming blessed by Norma who sent me this awesome stash of beads!  My head is spinning with options for the pink and black beads.  Feel free to click on the photo for a better view of the stash.

My local bead store had a fabulous trunk show and I was able to find this focal and coordinating beads to send her.  The downside to being a seed bead artist is that you don't tend to have a lot of "focals" on hand.   She has already recieved her beads so here is what I sent her.  I forgot to include the clasp in the photo but it was a neat sterling silver heart clasp.

I can't wait to see what Norma and everyone else cooks up with their Bead Soup.

Finally I wanted to share this cuff bracelet with you.  It called Midnight Muse.  It is a combination of 2 drop peyote and netweave.

Well I hear my busy life calling me back to it.  I hope to surface again soon in blog world!!  Have a great week everyone.



Maryanne said...

I know what you mean about being busy, Nancy. I'm in the same boat! I love the bead swap idea. I just realized that Lori Anderson lives in my area. I had no idea. Have fun with your pink and black beads!

Pretty Things said...

What a great stash of soup!

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