Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Peyote Rings

I finished the first e-book on beaded rings.  This book has three beaded peyote rings in it.  As I said previously when I first started experimenting with beaded rings I didn't think that I would like them personally very much.  I was very wrong.  They are very comfortable to wear!  I find myself now whipping up a ring to go with a jewelry set or using the pattern to use up those couple leftover beads from a project!!  My favorite of these three is the top one, Whisper.  It is such a nice little flash of crystal on my finger!!

Thanks for taking a peek!! Have a great day!



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Maryanne said...

I love your peyote rings, Nancy. I thought I wouldn't like wearing peyote rings, which is why I never made any. But,on your recommendation, I'll have to try it!

Viki said...

these rings are so sweet indeed. I'm into rings very much myself and I found them more comfortable than the gold or silver rings I have. Keep up the good work it's very inspring. I love your jewellery :)

Cindy said...

Nancy...I never commented on this post? What an accomplishmet - comleting this eBook...and just look at these gorgeous rings! My favorite is the Forget Me Not!

Anonymous said...

Do you sell your patterns seperately please

Nancy said...

Patterns of my designs are available at: and