Sunday, August 15, 2010

Canterbury Neckalce

I have been having a bit of beaders' block this summer.  I think that a lot of it had to do with so much going on.  I can tell that the spell seems to be ending as I am starting to have visions of beads again and my desk at work is being covered with scraps of paper that have ideas to try on it!

This necklace is one that came about as I was playing with the beads.  I will do that sometimes.  Just sit down and decide that I am going to start with a particular base and see what happens from there, which way the beads lead me.  I find that some of my favorite designs happen this way.  A few months back when I shared the Canterbury Bracelet with you, it was a bracelet that happened in the same manner, just playing with the beads.  I think that these two designs work very well together, hence the necklace being named Canterbury.  I hope you enjoyed seeing this necklace!   Have a great start to the week everyone!!


Pretty Things said...

Summer is always hard for me for beading -- having a young child in the house and no school means I'm always running around with this and that and the other to do. He goes back to school next week (I'm both sad and a tiny bit happy) so it will be interesting to see if I get any groove back, or if it's something more serious!

Love your work, so hang in there!

Maryanne said...

It's fun to play with the beads. They often tell you where they want to go! Love the necklace and bracelet.

Kristen said...

So So Pretty!

I bead only when my preschooler isn't asking for something and after he's asleep (if I am not that is) so I know how it is!

Cindy said...

I think you're not alone with that feeling of beader's block! I agree with Lori as well, it's been very hard to find the time with the kids home over the summer.
Your new Canterbury piece is just gorgeous! So much time and detail in this piece!

josh healy said...

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