Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Glimmering Necklace

Just a quick post to share with you another necklace.  I have been wanting to make a beaded link chain and have been playing with options.  This chain is made with a continuous weave, meaning the links are not separate but connected even though they appear as individual links.  

I made this a long necklace, it is 26" in length, to wear with high neck tops.  The pendant is just a little bit of beaded flash.  I encircled a rivoli with lots of 11/0s, 15/0s and 3 mm crystals and then suspended it from the beaded chain with another link.  i have a bracelet in the works that includes rivolis within the chain.

It was a fun project to work on!  I hope you enjoyed seeing it!

Have a great day.  ~Nancy


Kristen said...

Oh so pretty and love the illusion of separate links! What beautiful work you do!

Maryanne said...

Love this necklace, Nancy! I love the beaded links and the fact that they're not separate links!