Sunday, September 12, 2010


I know it is only the beginning of September but my mind is already working on my Christmas list and what I would like to make for family, friends, teachers, etc. I was going through some of my patterns and pulled out a few past and recent designs that work up quickly to share with you if you are looking for some ideas. (If you are interested, I included a link to the pattern by clicking on the name of the pattern below.)

First is Thryza's Charm.  It is a neat right angle weave project that goes together in an evenings work.  It has a unique bangle shape to it and is lots of fun!!

Verity is another fun right angle weave project that is very elegant with its netweave overlay!!   There is even an option that incorporates a dangle with.

Elspeth bracelet and earrings work up quickly and adapt well to many colorways.  Both work up in an evening.

The Shaitana earrings are one of my favorite. It is a very elegant and adaptable pattern.  It is a great pattern for learning how to bead around a rivoli.  Again these work up in an evening and make a beautiful gift.

A few years ago I  made a series of peyote bead bracelets.  One of my favorites was this Back to School Wishes bracelet.  With A, B, C peyote beads and delightful ceramic pencils and apples it is the perfect teacher gift!!  For a limited time I am going to have the pattern for this bracelet, the Christmas Wishes bracelet and the Valentine's Wishes bracelet available as individual patterns.  Of course the best deal is to get all 12 Wishes bracelets available in one file.

Among my favorite bracelet projects this year was the Canterbury bracelet.  I have to say that it is an addicting pattern to make.  It works up in an evening and has so many possibilities.  These are two of my favorites of the colorways that I have made!!

And last but not least is this bracelet made with far-falle beads or peanut beads as they are also known.  Far-falle beads are fun to work with and give an added dimension to your beadwork.  I am going to be picking up some more soon to play with so I am sure that they will make another appearance here soon.  This was my first project with far-falle beads.  It is a lovely bracelet called "Far-falling bracelet".  I know hardly original but fun!  This was another bracelet that I was addicted to making.  What I like about wearing this bracelet is the substantial feel it has due to the dimension of the far-falle beads.

Well I hope that I have gotten your minds thinking about what lovely things you can create for your gift-giving or at the very least enjoyed another peek and these projects.  I will be sure to share with you which I choose to share with my friends and family this year!!

Have a great day!!  Happy Beading.



Kristen said...

Thanks for all the great inspiration! Loving all of them!

Tracey N. said...

What a great post nancy! You have reminded me of some of the patterns I have been wanting to try! I love your choice of colors in each of these patterns. Do you list the colors you used in the patterns? I will be ordering on payday!

Cindy said...

Nancy! OH my goodness what beautiful projects here! I would know nothing about how to go about working with your patterns (as you know!), but think that the finshed pieces would make the best holiday gifts ever! You are really ahead of the game with holiday planning now! I'm trying to stay afloat with what's happening just this week. :-) My favorites are the Elspeth and Shaitana earrings, and the Verity necklace...all very stunning! :-)

Pretty Things said...

That first bracelet so so SO speaks to me!

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