Sunday, September 5, 2010

Crystal Rhasody

Over the summer I stopped in at The Bead Hive in Coopersburg.  This is the former location of My Father's Beads.  I am going to be teaching there and I wanted to refresh my memory on directions to the place before my first class in September.

While there and perusing all the lovely beads that they have, I came across some 1.8 mm cube beads.  It is a bead that I haven't worked with and thought there was a lot of potential there.  This project is the first one that I finished.  Crystal Rhapsody has a raised edge on both sides that forms the perfect channel for the 6 mm crystals that float down the center.  Of course I rarely make just one of anything anymore so I sat down last week to play with another set of the cubes that I bought.  This time I used a darker blue bead and alternated the fire polish crystals in the center of the bracelet.  (It's all Cindy Wimmer's fault that now I am playing with black and gray beads!! I am sure there is a beaded necklace and bracelet coming in those colors! hehe)
As I finished it up it just seemed to need something!
So I tightened the center by pulling the sides in with seeds and adding a sweet little edging along the sides.  It worked out perfect!  Both bracelets have a very substantial weighty feel to them when worn.

I mentioned that I am going to be teaching at The Bead Hive in Coopersburg.  I am rather excited about it.  I am going to be teaching a combination of old and new patterns there.  I am starting off in September with one of my favorites that I designed when I was first venturing into design.  It is called Sage Gold.  I have made this in several colorways and it is a great beginners project.  If you happen to be in the area, I hope that you will join us!!  I will be teaching this project on Saturday September 25th from 10:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m.

School is back in session and we are in full swing with soccer season.  I will leave you with a couple of pics of my boys getting into the swing of things!  Needless to say I am proud of them both!

Have a great day!!  ~Nancy


Pretty Things said...

Lovely creations!

Cindy said...

Uh,oh! I'm being blamed?? :-) Just look at what you do with those dark, exotic colors!!! Just gorgeous, stunning work.
Great action shots of your boys!!! Can you believe school has started and we start a new year already?

Maryanne said...

I love the new bracelets! Those small cubes are cool. I have some but I haven't used them yet. Have fun with your classes.

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