Monday, October 4, 2010

Did you notice.....

We had a beautiful fall weekend here in Northeast PA.  The weather was just right for watching soccer on Saturday.  The boys did a great job playing for their teams.  I love that our local soccer club gets the teams World Cup style shirts and each team is a "country".  My older son plays on Germany.  He usually plays goalie and forward or wherever the coach needs him.  He is a versatile player in that aspect.
My younger son plays for Japan.  He was in at goalie for half the game and then as forward.  Again he is versatile and can play wherever the coach needs him to.  His team is currently undefeated.  It will be an exciting playoff season this year.
I love fall soccer.  It is so exciting to watch my boys play.  This is one proud mama!!

I also just wanted to point out that I added a section to the right for some free patterns.  I will add to this area periodically but wanted you to notice the ones posted there.  One of my favorites of the three posted is Deborah's Flourish.  I have been making jewelry for my nieces for their birthdays for a few years now.  The youngest of my sister's children last year informed me that she was old enough to have a necklace!  I think that she was three.  So I wanted to make her something special.  I made this spiral and added pearls to it.  She was in heaven to finally have her own necklace!!

Have a great day!!


Cindy said...

Hey proud Mama! I enjoyed seeing the pictures of your sons...they sound like fantastic soccer players!!! I like the way they've named their teams after different countries as well. :-)

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