Thursday, October 28, 2010

Persian Lullaby Bracelet

I was anxiously stalking the UPS man at the beginning of this week because I had ordered some luscious beads to make another Persian Lullaby bracelet with.  I wanted to play with using two colors of 3 mm fire polish in the bracelet.  I am so loving how rich looking this bracelet is!  For those that are interested, the pattern is available here.


Cindy said...

Nancy, this is amazing. I love the soft color combination. I am truly in long does this take to make?? :-)

Nancy said...

Thanks, Cindy. If you work with just one color, it can be made in one or two evenings. The two colored one took me a little longer because I kept picking up the wrong color combination and had to take it out! LOL


Kristen said...

Oh Nancy you have a gift for beading! I love seeing all your stuff but sometimes I run out of time to comment (having a 5 year old that happens) so if I miss a post or two know that I will catch up eventually!