Saturday, January 29, 2011

Margie and Me - January Challenge

This has been a busy month, which is a little unusual for us in January.  I decided that I was going to apply my color choices to the projects that I would be teaching this past month.  So please forgive me for seeing designs you have already seen.  I ended up doing both color challenges.  The first is the Rainforest greens.  I made this one using the Persian Lullaby pattern (you can click the photo for a larger view) and did some slight random shading again with the fire polish.  This is currently one of my favorite patterns.

Persian Lullaby Bracelet

The second colorway was the bright store front in Mexico.  I used the Softly I Go pattern for this one.  It never ceases to amaze me how varying the colors in a pattern makes it look so different.  (You can see the original here for comparison.)  I love how this one captures that Mexican flavor like the store front.

Softly I Go Bracelet

As I said, this has been a crazy month for us between deadlines at work, a cold going through the family and just life in general.  I haven't had much time for beading.  I have a new project that I am trying to finish up to show you hopefully next week.  My goal is to try and carve out more time for beading in February.  Meanwhile, I will continue to pop around and be inspired by what you are up to.  Please be sure to visit Marcie's Blog to see the other challenge pieces!  Hope you are having a great day.  Thanks for stopping by.



Amy said...

I love your bracelets. So pretty and a great interpretation of the challenge pictures!

Kokopelli said...

Wow! I love both. Great work.

Cindy said...

Nancy, I am always so blown away when I see your new pieces. I wonder to myself (after first admiring their sheer beauty!), how long do bracelets like these take?? All of those small beads and all the while following a pattern!
We have colds going around here too unfortunately. I hope everyone is feeling better in your house soon!

Maryanne said...

I love both of these, Nancy! They're beautiful and I love the colors.

Marcie A. said...

Wow. The colors look awesome with that pattern. I really do like the second one though. Great job, Nancy!

Emma said...

Both the bracelets are lovely, but I LOVE the second one. You captured the colors perfectly and the pattern is stunning... isn't this fun :0)

Kristen said...

Loving the colors! You did such a great job!!!!

HS with Him said...

Both pieces are beautiful, but the Softly I Go really spoke to me. You're right, it's amazing the difference the colors make. You really captured the feel of the picture.
Hope you participate in the next one as well!

roseworksjewelry said...

Beautiful pieces!