Friday, January 7, 2011

Snow and Petal Bloom Necklace

We are enjoying a snow day here in Northeast PA today.  We only have about 2.5" of snow but it is so lovely to look at (since I don't have to drive in it today).  The boys just headed outside to play in and sled ride.  I am sure they will have lots of fun and then come in ready for some hot cocoa!  This is their first official snow day of the school year.  Not too bad getting a Friday off!  

I have a necklace to share with you today.  I have been making longer necklaces lately.  It seems like I make shorter necklaces in the spring and summer and then once the cold weather hits I switch to longer ones.  I love the chain on this one.  It is so delicate and pulls your focus back to the rivoli.  I think this one has a lot of potential for multiple colors within it.
Well I am going to do some beading now that my chores for the day are done (at least till it is time for supper anyway). I hope you are having a great Friday.  Stay safe and happy beading!

PS Just popped outside for a couple of snow boy pics!


Las Creaciones de Boricua said...

Beautiful necklace!!!

Debbie said...

Very pretty! wish I could see it a little closer, bad eyes here. Probably from making jewelry too :)
I am from upstate NY and there are certainly many of those snowed in days here too.. Take care. Deb