Thursday, February 17, 2011

Cherish Bracelet

I am so excited!  Not only did we have another full week of school but we have been having some spring temperatures here in the northeast.  I know that it is only temporary but it sure has done a lot for my sense of well being to feel the warm spring-like air and the sun on my face.  Our driveway is starting to thaw from the 2 inches of ice that has been on it.

I am finally finding time to bead again on a sort of regular basis, which has also done much for my mood.  This is one of the bracelets that I have made.  It started out with Valentine's Day as the inspiration and is very sparkly and fun (click on either photo to enlarge).  I made it again this time altering some of the bead choices and came up with the lovely alternate option that is included in the pattern.

 I am planning on teaching this pattern next month at the Garden of Beadin' and wanted to make a sample using just fire polish and seed beads for those that may need a more economical option.  I think that it is my favorite of the three!  It is a wide bracelet, approx. 1-1/2" wide and very comfortable. Thanks for taking a peek.  Be sure to stop by Saturday for the Margie and Me reveal.

Have a great day!!  ~Nancy


Las Creaciones de Boricua said...

It's very pretty!!!!!

Kristen said...

That is awesome and so makes me what to hop in the car and learn from you in person (sighs) not going to happen but I can dream!

Heather Beading said...

I like it, very nice, the green colour is very subtle. Thank you.