Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Like a lion

Last week we had wonderful warm spring like weather.  It felt so good to feel the sun.  I have been getting over my second bout of bronchitis this winter and the warm air was so "healing".  March is tricky though because it usually lulls you into thinking that spring has finally arrived and then gives you an abrupt reminder that it is still March.  We had a snow storm on Monday that left the roads in the worst condition that I had traveled on all winter, an icy slushy snowy mess.  Yesterday the weather was calling for 1" overnight with an additional 1-2" today.  When I woke up at my usual early hour, there was already 3" on the ground.  Since it was my turn to stay home with the boys if there was no school, I went back to bed. When I finally got out of bed, the snow was about 7-8" deep.  It was beautiful.  The trees had 3-4" of snow on their branches.  Because the snow was so thick on the branches, you really could not see through the trees to the neighbor's houses.  It was a beautiful white wonderland.  Hope you enjoy these pictures.  Spring is coming, I saw the crocus' blooming just last week and my bulbs have popped through the dirt but I have to honestly say that I enjoyed this winter wonderland kind of day.


Kristen said...

It is beautiful but........I want Spring!!!!!


moonlitfantaseas said...