Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Indian Princess

I have some projects that I have made as a result of teaching a class.  I like to remake projects that I teach to show other colorways.  Over the next week or two I would like to share a few of them with you.  A few years back a yahoo group that I was part of had a fun challenge.  People would submit names to be used as inspiration for a jewelry piece.  Anyone could participate.  One of the names suggested was "Indian Princess".  This one resonated with me because as a child, my dad and I participated in the YMCA's Indian Princess program.  It is a very fond memory to me of time spent with my dad.  Below is the original Indian Princess necklace.  It is made with a combination of tubular peyote, tubular herringbone and stringing.


I taught this project at the Bead Hive earlier this year.  I made this one using bronze, tan and khaki matte metallic beads.  I love the earthy feel it has.

I hope you enjoyed this a peek at this remake.  Please stayed tuned for some more!

Have a great day.


The pattern is available here (A Beadful World) or here (NLP Bead Design)


Kristen said...

Oh Nancy that is gorgeous!

Pretty Things said...

LOVE the colors!

Las Creaciones de Boricua said...


Kamoe said...

So beautiful, love the earthtone too. Eyecatching and wearable for any occasion!
Regards Karin

Nancy said...

Thanks, Kristen, Lori, Heroilda, and Karin. I truly appreciate your kind comments!! Have a great weekend!