Sunday, July 3, 2011

Radiance Bracelet

The latest issue of Beadwork is out.  I have two pieces that have been featured in this issue.  I will share them over two posts.  The first is the Radiance bracelet.  This is a component bracelet that comes together nicely.  It is full of sparkle!  I have kits available for the gray and blue versions shown below.  They are available at A Beadaful World.
Radiance Bracelet

I made a companion necklace to go with it. The pendant has a unique layering to the components.  The strap is a fun  lacy chain.  It is called Radiance as well.  The pattern is available at A Beadaful World or at NLP Bead Design


Las Creaciones de Boricua said...

Beautiful beadwork!!!!!!

roosterlion said...

Love the new pieces! Will have to go and pick up the latest issue of Beadwork to check out the pattern.

Pretty Things said...


Kristen said...

Oh Oh OH I get to make another of your awesome creations! I will be getting is ASAP! Gorgeous as always my friend!

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