Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Simple Net Necklace & Almond Drop Earrings

This is a gift for an online friend. The necklace is based on a design by Sandra Halpenny and the earrings are based on a design by Florence Turnour and Gwen Fisher.

Thursday, March 8, 2007

My DH and boys wanted to get out of the house yesterday but didn't want to just go "nowhere". So he said to me, don't you need to go the bead store? I just chuckled, no dear I don't NEED to go but I'd like to! Anyway I had made this Sea Star from a kit from BeadInfintium and didn't have the accents to go with it to make it into a necklace. I picked up the "pyramid" or "diamond" beads yesterday with the elongated beads. The Sea Star bead is based on a design by Florence Turnour and Gwen Fisher. It is long, about 26". I made the bracelet to match.

This is "Necklace 200" by Sandra Halpenny. I had made two necklaces previously that used copper seed beads and I thought that they would look great in this pattern. There are gold seed beads in this as well. The picture does not do the necklace justice, it just shimmers!

This necklace is one that I started last fall and set aside while making my Christmas gifts. It is based on a pattern by Glenda Payseno. I used 5 colors instead of the 6 she used in her pattern. This just reminds me of spring and Easter.

Thanks for looking!