Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Almond Drop Earrings

Sometimes it is helpful in the midst of working on bigger more time consuming projects to stop and just make something quick.  I love these earrings by Bead Infinitum.  They work up quickly in a very short amount of time and have endless possibilities when it comes to color.  I am still trying to figure out how best to photograph earrings.  I just can't seem to do them justice.  Thanks for stopping by!  Happy beading.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Margie and Me - February Color Challenge

Well, it is that time for the reveal of this month's Margie and Me challenge.  I have grown so much through these challenges that I look at how I use color differently than just using whatever strikes my fancy.  This month I chose to use Colors of Constructivism (#102).  I love the subtly of the colors in this coloring.

For mine, I made this flat bracelet with lots of matte metallic gray seeds and accented with different shades of blue and green.  I probably threw in more blue than the palette called for but I am happy with the results.  This bracelet is called Acotas.  Be sure to check out Marcie's Blog for a list of participants and see everyone's creations!

In addition to my challenge piece, I made a second version of the Acotas bracelet using softer spring colors as well. Thanks for stopping by.  Have a great weekend.  ~Nancy

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Cherish Bracelet

I am so excited!  Not only did we have another full week of school but we have been having some spring temperatures here in the northeast.  I know that it is only temporary but it sure has done a lot for my sense of well being to feel the warm spring-like air and the sun on my face.  Our driveway is starting to thaw from the 2 inches of ice that has been on it.

I am finally finding time to bead again on a sort of regular basis, which has also done much for my mood.  This is one of the bracelets that I have made.  It started out with Valentine's Day as the inspiration and is very sparkly and fun (click on either photo to enlarge).  I made it again this time altering some of the bead choices and came up with the lovely alternate option that is included in the pattern.

 I am planning on teaching this pattern next month at the Garden of Beadin' and wanted to make a sample using just fire polish and seed beads for those that may need a more economical option.  I think that it is my favorite of the three!  It is a wide bracelet, approx. 1-1/2" wide and very comfortable. Thanks for taking a peek.  Be sure to stop by Saturday for the Margie and Me reveal.

Have a great day!!  ~Nancy

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Something fun to share

The wonderfully awesome Cherie Morris, who owns the Garden of Beadin' in Bartonsville, PA, wrote this fun story to go along with the Magdala Necklace that I am teaching this month at her store.  I had so much fun reading it that I asked if I could share it here.  I hope you enjoy it as much as I did (and you too can make your own by coming to class on Feb 19th, see the classes tab for details, or you can find the pattern here).  Enjoy!  Thanks, Cherie, for letting me share your whimsy.  ~Nancy

Once upon a time there was a beautiful Slovenian princess named Magdala. She was forced out of her kingdom by the evil Count Chokulawski, and she was banished to wander from village to village begging for food and shelter. She had only a ragged and thin coat to protect her from the elements. In many villages she was turned away because of her appearance.

But finally an old man, very poor himself, took her in and gave her food and a warm place on the floor of his hut by the fire. He watched over her while she slept and noticed that under her ragged coat, something blue sparkled as she turned in her sleep. But he said nothing. She stayed several nights and gained her strength to continue. When it came time to leave, she wept because she had nothing to give the old man to thank him for his kindness. Then she remembered her pearl and crystal necklace and told him it was all she had, but it might be worth something. The old man recognized the necklace as the royal jewels and knew the young woman was Princess Magdala. He refused the offer and instead gave her his only horse to continue her journey and his warm coat to wear, leaving him with none. The Princess was so grateful because the necklace was all that was left of her happy memories. Suddenly (you knew this was coming) the old man, who had been aged prematurely (by a Forest Witch named Wilma) because of his greedy ways as a young and handsome prince, turned back into his original form. He dropped to his knee and asked for Magdala's hand in marriage! Maggie, who was smart as well as beautiful, had heard of this stuff happening before. So she first asked to meet Wilma and after a brief consultation, the witch created a huge army and with the Prince at the head, the army road to Maggie's castle and ousted the evil Count Chokulawski. The Count shortened his name to Chokula and learned to make disgusting chocolate cereal from demented squirrels in the forest. Maggie returned to her family home, made Wilma CEO of the Castle. The Prince became the butler and pool boy (hey, it's better than the old guy in the hut,) and Magdala lived happily ever after wearing her jewels and beading more to sell to other nearby castles on the shopping network.

Yea!!! A week with no snow and ice

While for some of you this may not seem like a big deal, I am celebrating the fact that my boys will have a full week of school this week.  They have not had a full week of school since before Christmas due to the series of snow and ice storms that have been occuring every three to four days.  I truly do enjoy snow but I am tired of it this year with all the juggling of schedules to cover school days. 

So in celebration I thought I would share a couple of lovely spring photos with you!

Have a great day.