Thursday, September 20, 2012

And the Winner is......


Please contact me with your information so I can send you your new bracelet!


Don't forget there are still two other opportunities to win a completed Woven Wonder bracelet.

1st - if you order a supply kit for Woven Wonder in the month of September from A Beadaful World, you will be entered into a drawing for the Green Woven Wonder bracelet.

2nd - if you attend one of my classes in October and November at The Bead Hive in Coopersburg, Pa, you will be entered into a drawing for the Blue Woven Wonder bracelet. You will get one entry per class. I currently have four classes schedule (two each month).


Saturday, September 8, 2012

Woven Wonder

I have the honor of having another design published in the October/November Issue of BEADWORK magazine.  This lovely bracelet has a unique woven top on a right angle weave base.

To celebrate, I am having three separate giveaways of a complete Woven Wonder bracelet.

1st - if you order a supply kit for Woven Wonder in the month of September from A Beadaful World, you will be entered into a drawing for the Green Woven Wonder bracelet.

2nd - if you leave a comment on this post, you will be entered into a drawing for the Burgandy/Copper Woven Wonder bracelet.  The drawing will be held on September 20th.

3rd - if you attend one of my classes in October and November at The Bead Hive in Coopersburg, Pa, you will be entered into a drawing for the Blue Woven Wonder bracelet.  You will get one entry per class.  I currently have four classes schedule (two each month).

Burgandy/Copper on bottom

Green and Blue in center
I hope you will enter and celebrate this publication with me.Thanks for stopping by for a visit!


Saturday, July 28, 2012

Bead Soup Reveal

I was so excited to participate again in Lori Anderson's bead soup party.  I don't know how Lori keeps it all straight!  I think that she is just amazing for continuing to host and coordinate this fun party! 
I was partnered with Lisa Liddy of Metal Me This.  She makes the most beautiful hammered metal pieces. You can check out what she is doing on Facebook as well or her Etsy store.  I can't wait until I have a little extra spending cash because I have an idea floating around in my head for some of her donuts!
Lisa sent me this great soup to work with.  I really appreciated that she sent me some seed beads since that is the main medium that I work in and I truly regret that all the ideas that I had for this soup did not have equal time to be prepared.  As my soup arrived in the mail, so did three weeks of overtime at work which put a damper on my bead time.

I was able to finish a bracelet featuring the lampwork focal from Koregon Beads and clasp by Lisa herself.  I wanted to incorporate the seed beads Lisa sent.  I ended up making a herringbone structure that would encase the pendant and then strung all the components together to make this lovely bracelet.  Even though I am more comfortable with beadweaving, I love how I combined the best of both worlds in this bracelet.  When worn, it has more of a cuff feel to it. 

I hope that you enjoyed my soup and I will be around to visit & see all the other wonderful soup being revealed today.  Please be sure to click through the blogs and join in the fun!  Thanks for stopping by.


Click here for a list of the bead soup participants:

Bead Soup No. 6

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Bead Soup and the fabulous Lisa Liddy

I hope that you have been staying cool this summer.  We are at the tail end (I hope) of the heat wave hitting the East Coast.  I am looking forward to some cooler temperatures this week.

I am again participating in Lori Anderson's fun Bead Soup Party.  I love the challenge that participating gives me.  As someone who works primarily with seed beads and crystals, I like the challenge of using mediums that I wouldn't necessarily choose for myself.

My partner this time is the fabulous metal work artist, Lisa Liddy of Metal Me This.  She sent me a fun batch of beads including one of her beautiful clasps. I think it is my favorite!  She also included some lamp work beads and pendant by Koregon Beads and a lovely polymer pendant by C. Friesen.  I love that she was so thoughtful and sent me a bunch of seed beads and extra cabacons to use in the future along with some lovely green pearls.

I have so many fun ideas percolating in my head for these beads.  I wish that I did wirewrapping because I have a great idea for these for a bracelet.  I am looking forward as always to seeing the vast array of talent on Bead Soup reveal day.  Stay tuned for a sneak pek along the way.  In the meantime check out Lisa's website with her beautiful metalwork. 

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Diamondback Bracelet on A Beadaful World

For those interested, the Diamondback Bracelet pattern is now available on A Beadaful World (it is listed as Diamond Bracelet.)

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Diamondback Bracelet

The weather here has been a beautiful day!  Saturday we went on a lovely hike at Jacobsburg State Park.  We have discovered it this year and it was our second trip there.  What a great park.  The trails are well groomed for easy walking with side trails that are more challenging.  It was great to be outside!  The weather was perfect with the temperature hovering right around 70 degrees.  Throughout the hike, I kept saying I should have brought my camera.  Next time I will have pictures to share!! 

I finally found some time to be able to sit and bead.  I was able to do the final edits on this bracelet.  I love the versatility of this design.  Once you have the basics of the design down it is really fun to mix it up a bit.  I originally made it in one color (the brown) and then played with two.  The pattern is written for the two color version.  The latest bracelet I made was the black and white version (was thinking of Cindy Wimmer while making it.  She has a fondness for black, whites & grays).  I think that it is my favorite of the three.  I will be starting a matching necklace soon.

I hope you enjoyed seeing this new design.  Thanks for stopping by!


PS I apologize, on Lulu, I have not been able to add an image directly to the website.  If you go to the preview, the image (same as above) is on the 2nd page.  The pattern will also be available at A Beadaful World soon.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mother's Day to all you mothers!  And a Happy Beading day to the rest!  I hope you are enjoying a relaxing Sunday.  Sorry for such a long hiatus between posts.  Life has been busy as you can tell.  We just wrapped up track season yesterday.  I am so proud of my son who at the majority of his meets broke at least one, usually more than one, of his personal records.  He runs the long distance events and does the long jump.

Next year will be fun to see my younger son competing along with his older brother in soccer and track on the same team.  He is excited because he will be starting guitar lessons this week.

I have been beading, not as much as I would like but some.  A new pattern that I published on A Beadaful World is for these lovely earrings.  They are called "Gerber Blossom Earrings."  They work up quickly.  They start with a wire wrapping ring and move on from there.

I have a bracelet that I will be posting as soon as I can get them photographed and another necklace in the works.  I have a couple of older patterns that I worked up in new colors to share with you soon also.  We are in for a rainy couple of days but toward the end of the week it should be nicer and more conducive to taking photos.  Thanks for stopping by and I will try not to be such a stranger!


Friday, February 17, 2012


Remember what I said about hoping this year would be a little less busy, or something like that.  I guess that I was wrong.  It is not a bad thing, life is filled with different priorities.  I have been able to find time to fit beading in in small doses but I still feel behind.

This year so far has been one of challenges to myself.  I was really inspired last year by Cynthia Newcomer Daniel.  In her personal blog, she shared her story of how she challenged herself to live healthier.  I decided that this year I wanted to do something similar.  So I have changed what I eat and am exercising on a more regular basis.  One thing that I am doing differently this year is that I am taking this day by day and not getting bogged down by my overall goal.  I am making a conscious effort to do the best I can today to eat well and move!  I am hoping that by the end of this year I will be able to show you how the hard work of those choices paid off.  I would appreciate your prayers that I may be able to live each day well in those regards.

Here is another necklace that I finished.  It is called Chariton.  Chariton means grace and kindness.  To me, pearls are a visual of grace. 

I also made this one using crystal AB's in place of the blue.  It would make a lovely necklace for a bride!  I am hoping to be able to take a picture to post soon.  The pattern is available at A Beadaful World.

I hope that your year is off to a productive start.  Thanks for stopping by.

Have a great day!


Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Madieke Necklace

I hope that you had a lovely holiday season, filled with the things that you like best.  I got to enjoy a week at home with my boys.  We had a good time together for the most part.  Seems like 4-5 pm is the witching hour with them where they can't get along anymore.  So I would just separate them into different rooms and by the time supper was over things seemed to settle down.

It was a good week for me in that I was able to finish up some bead projects that I needed to get done.  Now my table is clear of the must do and I can focus on creating again.  I am looking forward to taking some of the ideas I have and "playing" with my beads.  I am hoping this year may be more conducive to beading than 2011 was.  No regrets though, as my time was well spent in what needed done.

Anyway, at the end of November I share the Madieke Necklace with you.  I have been able to make a couple more and tweak the pattern.  It is now available for sale in my lulu store here or at A Beadaful World.  In the last one that I made (see image above) I substituted 4 mm fire polish for the 11/0 seed beads in the last step.  I think it was a very nice substitution and really added to the necklace.

Thanks for stopping by and I wish you a very happy New Year!