Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Madieke Necklace

I hope that you had a lovely holiday season, filled with the things that you like best.  I got to enjoy a week at home with my boys.  We had a good time together for the most part.  Seems like 4-5 pm is the witching hour with them where they can't get along anymore.  So I would just separate them into different rooms and by the time supper was over things seemed to settle down.

It was a good week for me in that I was able to finish up some bead projects that I needed to get done.  Now my table is clear of the must do and I can focus on creating again.  I am looking forward to taking some of the ideas I have and "playing" with my beads.  I am hoping this year may be more conducive to beading than 2011 was.  No regrets though, as my time was well spent in what needed done.

Anyway, at the end of November I share the Madieke Necklace with you.  I have been able to make a couple more and tweak the pattern.  It is now available for sale in my lulu store here or at A Beadaful World.  In the last one that I made (see image above) I substituted 4 mm fire polish for the 11/0 seed beads in the last step.  I think it was a very nice substitution and really added to the necklace.

Thanks for stopping by and I wish you a very happy New Year!